Services & Features


  • Send HTML e-mail invitations.
  • RSVP website customized to your needs.
    • Handle one or multiple categories.
    • Hide / show questions based on custom logic.
    • Book sessions.
      • Session limits
      • Sessions become hidden as they are fully booked.
    • Book for sub-events
    • Manage accommodation
    • Manage flights
    • Table placements
  • Barcoded confirmation e-mails.
  • Back-end, you receive a backend login where you can:
    • View live statistics
    • Search
    • Add guests and send invitations.
    • Update details.
    • Confirm, cancel or decline guests.
    • Resend invitations.
    • View customized reports.
    • Export your guest list to excel
  • Secure hosting using 128 bit encryption.


Services you can rely on:

  • Design of your invitation & look and feel.
  • Sending of personalised invitations.
  • Optimizing your emails to receive the best possible rating.
  • Sending of e-mail reminders.
  • Integration with Business Matchmaking, optimize social interaction at your event, read more.
  • Database cleaning.
  • Call downs and inbound call centres.
  • Onsite registration

EventRSVP is ideal for corporate events, conferences, gala dinners, breakfasts, lunches, charity events or any other event format.